Essential Questions to GROW Your Team

A vital guide to coaching conversations in the workplace with a unique series of essential questions to support some of the most typical conversations you might have with your team. Endorsed by some of the worlds’ top coaches including Graham Alexander, Alison Hardingham and Simon O’Shaughnessy. Click here to purchase.

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Earthquake Update

Due to the Christchurch earthquake the careerbalance office in the CBD is currently closed. We are working from a variety of locations across New Zealand so please contact us to find the most convenient one for you.

Since 2006 careerbalance has been working with professionals and leaders who want to build confidence, achieve career success and strive for excellence.


Our clients are people just like you who want to transition into a new career direction, feel confident about career progression or work more effectively within a team at work.

We specialise in executive coaching programmes, management training initiatives and supporting anybody who is considering a change of career.

Our clients are based around the world, and in the last 12 months this has included Europe, Canada, the Middle East, Australia and of course all across New Zealand.

Please contact us and take the first step towards achieving your career goals.


Whether you’re trying to work out what you REALLY want to do with your career, or you’re exploring ways to enhance the career you’ve already got we can help!
Kathryn Jackson, Executive Coach & Author


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When looking to find Coaching support for the mammoth task of bringing together and aligning over 100 different companies to complete over $2 billion worth of work in a tight time frame of 5 years, I immediately thought to ring Kathryn. Not only did I know that she would be an invaluable resource, I also could rely on her strong network to nominate other coaches we could potentially use
- Belinda, HR & Peak Performance Manager