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Kathryn is passionate about finding resources to inspire and empower professionals and leaders to achieve balance, confidence and personal growth and some of her favourite tools are listed here.

Kathryn is frequently invited to contribute to NZ media – with the most recent articles located in the careerbalance Media Centre and her story has been featured in Woman’s Day, the Good Morning Show and a variety of NZ radio stations. Kathryn contributes frequently to the Christchurch Press.

Online Career Centre How to keep your cool if you lose your job

Essential Questions to GROW Your Team is A vital guide to coaching conversations in the workplace with a unique series of essential questions to support some of the most typical conversations you might have with your team. Endorsed by some of the worlds’ leading coaches including Graham Alexander, Alison Hardingham and Simon O’Shaughnessy. Click here to purchase.

How to Keep Your Cool if You Lose Your Job is a redundancy workbook jammed full of tools, resources and stories of survival from people who have experienced the loss of a job. As a result of the books success, Kathryn was invited to speak on the Good Morning Show and BBC Radio Scotland, and has published numerous articles across the media which can be viewed in the Media Centre. Click here to purchase.

Online Career Centre – no matter where you live in the world the careerbalance Online Career Centre can help to answer those essential questions like “am I in the right job?”, “how are my values impacting my enjoyment of work?”, “how can I identify the talents I would like to use more often?” and “what alternative careers could I consider”

For just NZ$172.50 you will have access to one of the most comprehensive and interactive career tools available, with functionality that enables you to record and track your career progress, and loads of up to date articles to help you with personal branding, navigating networking, applying for a promotion and many more! Click here to purchase.

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